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How can I invest in a basket of cryptocurrencies?
  • If you want to invest in a cryptocurrency basket, you can register on our platform, log into your account and go to the cryptocurrency basket option. Then select the amount you want to invest and buy the basket.
Is there a minimum investment required to buy a crypto basket?
  • There is no minimum amount required to invest in a crypto basket. However, a minimum investment may be required for each coin in the basket depending on its purchase price. For example, if you invest in a cryptocurrency basket with Rs 100, you may not be able to purchase the entire basket, but you can choose the coins that are eligible to be purchased for Rs 100 and invest in them to become a holder of that basket.
Can I choose my coins in the crypto basket or are they predetermined?
  • Yes, you can choose any number of cryptocurrencies available in the cart, either as per your choice or as a whole to buy. This allows for greater flexibility and customization of your investment portfolio.
Where do I find my cryptocurrencies after purchasing a crypto basket?
  • Once you buy a basket of cryptocurrencies, the coins will appear in your portfolio. You can track how they're doing by selecting the specific coins you've bought and tracking the profit you've made. Think of it like buying groceries and storing them in your pantry – once you buy cryptocurrency, it goes into your virtual wallet for safekeeping.
Should I sell my crypto basket as a whole or liquidate the coins one by one?
  • You have the option to liquidate your investment individually by placing orders or sell order in the market. However, you will not be able to sell the basket of cryptocurrencies as a whole as you purchased it.
How is investing in cryptocurrency a hassle-free option?
  • Investing in a crypto basket is a hassle-free option as it reduces the time and research needed to choose and invest in specific cryptocurrencies, especially for new investors. By purchasing a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies in one transaction, investors can easily monitor the performance of their investment and reduce overall risk.
Crypto basket! WHY?
  • The emergence of crypto baskets as a financial product in the cryptocurrency market is making it easier for investors to enter the space, particularly for those who may lack the time or expertise to actively manage their investments in the volatile crypto market.
  • As the crypto market continues to mature, investing in crypto baskets may become increasingly popular. Even established players in the finance industry, such as JP Morgan, are exploring this medium as a means of providing investors access to crypto assets through tracking companies involved in the crypto ecosystem.
How Crypto Basket on Unocoin works?
  • We are introducing a new investment option for our clients, a Crypto Basket. This basket allows for easy and convenient investment, as it can be purchased with just one click. By purchasing a Crypto Basket, investors can quickly and efficiently fill their portfolio with a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies. Each basket contains a total of six coins, which are carefully selected based on their market capitalization and performance. The coins within the basket are allocated a percentage of the total investment, proportional to their market capitalization weightage. For example, if an investor invests $1,000 into the Crypto Basket, the coins within the basket will be allocated a percentage of the investment based on their market capitalization weightage. This allows for a well-rounded and diversified investment in the cryptocurrency market.
What are the advantages of investing in a crypto basket?
  • Creating a Diversified Portfolio: Crypto baskets offer investors the opportunity to build a portfolio of multiple crypto assets, which allows for diversification, the concept of investing in an entire sector rather than a single token. This strategy reduces the risk as even if one project does not perform well, the others in the basket can compensate.
  • Automatic Rebalancing: These baskets automatically rebalance the crypto assets in the portfolio at regular intervals to maintain the desired or specific mix of assets that was initially established. This helps to maintain a healthy risk-reward balance at all times.
How does crypto basket investing work?
  • Similar to index funds, crypto baskets provide investors with the ability to invest in a specific category or segment within the cryptocurrency market. Rather than purchasing multiple individual crypto assets, investors have the option to purchase a single basket that contains a diverse selection of assets. For instance, an investor who is optimistic about the potential of the metaverse and its applications may find it challenging to research and select which specific projects to invest in. In such cases, they can opt for a crypto basket that specifically focuses on the metaverse theme, which includes crypto tokens representing the best metaverse projects that have been thoroughly researched, vetted, and curated for the investor.
How does the crypto basket work?
  • Investment Theme Categorization:The ability for investors to classify crypto assets and projects based on different criteria, such as utility, type of project, sector, and market capitalization.
  • Professional Management: Most crypto baskets are managed by experts who have a deep understanding of the industry, thus eliminating the need for investors to actively manage their investments.
  • Rigorous Scrutiny: The assets included in the basket have undergone strict checks and balances to ensure that only the strongest and most promising are included.
How did the idea evolve?
  • Evolution from Stock Market Index Funds: The origin of crypto baskets as an adaptation of the traditional stock market index fund investment strategy.
  • Diversification Across Multiple Crypto Assets: The ability for investors to diversify their portfolio by holding a bundle of several different crypto assets in a single fund.
  • Risk Management: The benefit of spreading investment across multiple assets reduces the risk of high volatility in any one asset.
  • Hassle-free Cryptocurrency Investing: The ease of investing in a bundled fund, as opposed to individually managing multiple crypto assets, provides a convenient approach to cryptocurrency investing