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Offline, Encrypted and Always Secure!

Crypto being a purely digital entity can be stored in digital form only. The important concern for Unocoin is to make sure your investment is protected in a way that gives you access whenever you need it while keeping out the oddities away from our storage. This is when Security comes into the picture. And at Unocoin we are extremely cautious about how we secure our users cryptoassets. Most of the cryptoassets in Unocoin are stored offline. The set of multiple addresses for offline storage are generated on a computer that has never been (and never will be) connected to the internet.

Why is this effective?

AES-256 Encryption

The address-private key pairs obtained are encrypted using AES-256, sealed in envelopes and stored in multiple safe deposit lockers.

Multiple Locations

The AES-256 keys are also stored in multiple safe deposit lockers at different locations. In the unlikely event of a security compromise your cryptoassets remains safe.

Enhanced Security

The server automatically chooses the next offline address once maximum threshold is reached on a particular address.

Our Recommendations for Users

Enable 2 factor authentication for Unocoin account. Do not share your Google Authenticator code with anyone.

Always use HTTPS while accessing your Unocoin account to ensure privacy and data integrity.

Your password must atleast be 8-characters long and should be a combination of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numerals and special characters.

Do not open your email or other links while your Unocoin account is open. Clicking on a malicious link might lead to a potential breach of your Unocoin account.

Save your cryptoassets in our Paper Wallet, instead of on your computers or drives. To access the Paper Wallet, go to Settings > Wallet Settings > Paper Wallet.

Ensure that your Unocoin account and your personal email account don't have the same passwords. NEVER share your log in credentials with anyone.

Do not believe any random person who shares their phone number or claiming to be from Unocoin Support Team. You can always refer to our website for our helpline number and also write to [email protected].

Always use HTTPS while accessing your Unocoin account to ensure privacy and data integrity.